The prestige system is a way to reward our members for volunteering their time and effort to the club and to recognized charities.  While tracking and logging prestige can seem like an extra thing to do when you just want to play a cool character, the system exists to recognize and reward our members for their contributions to our club.

For more information about Prestige and Prestige logs, check the links below.

To report prestige you have earned, please use the Prestige Self-Report form, accessible through the button to the right or the top menu bar. Or just email the DC.

Prestige reported by the 10th of the month will be included in the DC report for that month, and prestige reported after the 10th will be included on the next month’s report.

Useful Links

MES Prestige Guidelines

Prestige 101 (summary of the prestige system)

Creating a Prestige Log (coming soon!)

Guidelines for self-reported Prestige (Google doc, constantly updated with additional FAQ)

Records of Domain of Myst Prestige Granted

When prestige has been processed by the DC, it will show up on the records linked below, to allow members to quickly search for their prestige awards.


These files are provided to help members construct their prestige logs. They are works in progress, and will continue to be updated until marked otherwise. If you have questions or find errors, please contact the DC.