The Domain of Myst offers a couple of IRC channels for its Camarilla/Anarch game for the purpose of “soft roleplay”. The channels can be found on the IRC server known as and are called:


#SFMyst_OOC is the Out-Of-Character (OOC) channel. Here, you can hang out, waiting for other players, or just chat about OOC things during role-play.


#Elysium is the main In-Character (IC) channel. It is considered to be an Elysium located at 140 New Montgomery Street, in the Financial District of San Francisco. Specifically, the channel represents the lounge on the top (26th) floor of the building. For more information about this Elysium, click here: #Elysium.

Who can play in these channels?

In order to role-play in our channels, you must have a character registered by our Venue Storyteller (VST), or registered in another domain and approved to visit our domain.

What is the purpose of these IRC channels?

Many of us enjoy soft role-play with other members of the domain or club, usually by exchanging In-Character emails, or by playing through instant messengers. Such media have their uses, but for those who are looking for a persistent, 24/7 place to meet with other people’s characters and role-play in real-time, we offer these channels.

What is soft role-play?

Soft role-play (Soft RP) is low-stakes role-play without the use of challenges, dice rolling, or throwing “chops” (rock-paper-scissors). Because soft RP does not involve challenges, an ST does not need to mediate it. Soft RP scenes rely on conversation and social situations rather than game mechanics and powers. If a Soft RP scene leads to a challenge that must be adjudicated using character sheets and rules, it must be “frozen” or paused until an ST can mediate. XP is not rewarded for using these channels.

How do I get there?

To role-play on IRC, you’ll need to get an IRC client – a program that will allow you to make use of the IRC network. Some of the more popular ones include:


Or, just point your browser to and click “chat now”.

The channels are called #SFMyst_OOC and #Elysium.

Once I’m there, what do I do?


To have your character speak, just type into the channel. There is no need for quotation marks. Out-of-character comments can go in the #SFMyst_OOC channel, or may be typed in the IC channel in double-parenthesis; for instance: ((This is an OOC comment.))

Private Messages (PM)

To communicate privately with another player or the Storyteller, most programs allow you to double-click on the person’s nick that you want to talk privately to, or use the /msg command. PMs usually open a second window.

/msg sally I have a question.

Would open a private message window with sally that shows your nick and has the text behind it.

Nick changes

If you wish to change your nick, the command is /nick

For example:

Typing /nick Josh-afk

Would show the following in the channel:

Josh is now known as Josh-afk


If you wish your character to do something, IRC comes with an “emote” command.

If you type the following into the chat room:

/me walks across the room.

You will see:

Josh walks across the room.

Another common way to frame actions is with double-colons, like this:

::Josh walks into the room::

Speech and Actions Together

If you wish your character to take an action as they speak, just add quotation marks to distinguish the spoken text from the action.

/me walks across the room to Arden. “Good evening, Mr. Harpy.”

Will appear as the following in the chat room:

Josh walks across the room to Arden. “Good evening, Mr. Harpy.”

Please do not change the text color, as some people change their screen backgrounds and would have difficulty seeing the text if you did.