Our Games

Werewolf the Apocalypse

The San Francisco Bay area.  A region overrun with cities, with the forces of the Weaver, with the Wyrm hiding in the hollows of the web.  But at its heart beats a Wyld soul.  A group of werewolves and fera allies have formed a Shard Caern, and struggle to bring out this Wyld side of the area, and nurture it.  Will you join them in their struggles to discover what it means to be garou in this new age?  Will you Rage against the dying of the light, to not go quietly into the long night?

Storyteller: Ami Lovelace
Schedule: First Saturdays, 4-8pm in Hayward

Vampire the Masquerade

San Francisco, the crown jewel the Bay Area, was snatched from Kindred hands by extremely well-coordinated Hunters in 2013. The retaliation from measured Kindred forces was swift and effective, and the City by the Bay has recently been cleared of these Hunters. For now. With the Camarilla to the North and the Independent Alliance to the South, San Francisco is a City ripe for new possibilities. Will the City be once again an extension of the Tower, as mighty as the horizon reflected on the windows of its skyscrapers? Although dominant, the Camarilla have used and still need the help of its allies. How will a new chance to take this City create and destroy relationships and rivalries? The next Gold Rush is at hand and it is time to stake your claim.

Storyteller: Tanya Telson
Schedule: 4th Saturday evenings at the Ygnacio Valley Library in Walnut Creek, CA

Space: the Infinite Edge

Coming soon!