Domain of Myst Featured Game 2017

Welcome to the Myst Featured Game!

Myst’s Featured games will be Saturday, July 29th, in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco.

We will host Werewolf the Apocalypse and Vampire the Masquerade. Teasers for both games are below!

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Important Details

Cost: $20 for one game, $35 for both
Optional Catered Dinner: $15 from Memphis Minnie’s!  Dinner is now closed to further sign ups.
Game Site: 43 Dore St, San Francisco CA

The site is not handicapped accessible, but there is just one flight of stairs.

There will be a cash bar, and outside food is allowed on-site.

Getting There and Parking

Two of our members put together this guide to the local area.  Thank you Amanda & Warlock!

Event Schedule

  • 12pm Site Opens/Setup
  • 1-5pm Werewolf the Apocalypse
  • 5-8pm Break and dinner
  • 8pm-12am Vampire the Masquerade
  • 1am Site closes

Game Settings


The Garou and Fera of the Sept of Reborn Dreams have been warned. “The Rage of the Desecrated Earth”, a potent bane of fire and earth who in ages past raged through the Bay until it was sealed away. Only once in recent history has it slipped its bonds, in 1906, causing mass devastation in the area. Once in 1989 someone almost freed it, but it failed, and still the region felt it. Now those who have danced the Spiral have again conspired to free it, and are close to succeeding.

The sept knows where they have a chance to stop the ritual, due to the personal sacrifices of a powerful spirit. Now the call shall go out to gather others of the nation to face this threat, to bring low those of the fallen who would dare stand against the Garou Nation and bring such a powerful threat against Gaia’s defenders. Will you rage against the coming of the night, against the dying of everything you hold dear, or will you go quietly?



It has been nearly four years since Prince Amyntas challenged Kindred of the Bay Area to a Symbel Ordeal to reclaim San Francisco from the clutches of Hunters. Hunters who were successful in seeking and destroying Kindred of different sects and clans. In an unprecedented unified effort, Kindred from various parts of the Bay Area have used their vast array of knowledge, experience, and resources to stem the Hunter threat. As word of the disenfranchisement and disbanding of Hunter Cells becomes widespread, it seems that San Francisco can be occupied by Kindred once again. The skyline of San Francisco has changed significantly within the past four years making the silhouette almost unrecognizable. Will this city be home once again for those who have hidden in San Rafael and other parts of the Bay during the past few years?

July is a month of celebration in and around the Bay Area. Antique Fairs, Rodeos, the Gilroy Garlic Festival, Amusement Parks, concerts, theatrical fringe festivals, weddings, regular baseball games, themed parades- all bring in new life into the area with many people staying out late into the evening. The welcomed cloak of cooling fog only adds to the beauty of these enchanting summer nights. In numerology, the number seven is a number of reflection, a pause taken between active times. Since July is the seventh month of the Julian calendar, Clan Tremere will be hosting a gathering based on reflection and rebuilding. All are welcome to take time to look upon the past, the present, and the how these elements will drive the Domain forward into the future.