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Featured Game: Cam/Anarch Teaser

Primogen Angelique DuMont of Clan Tremere and Primogen Aurelie Fortescue of Clan Toreador welcome all the kindred to the San Francisco Domain for a fabulous Mardi Gras gathering at the Notre Dame Des Victoires Church in the epicenter of the French Quarter, Belden Lane, in San Francisco. It will be a Symbel Ordeal open to all who are welcome that night for both Neonates and Ancilla alike. Whomsoever obtains the most Mardi Gras beads will be the winner of the Ordeal. The ways that you can obtain are as follows:

  1. Exchange beads for boons
  2. Exchange a dance for beads
  3. “Persuade” someone to give you beads
  4. Exchange personal favors for beads (Any personal favors must be fulfilled or they will be registered with the harpy as a negative status).

At the end of the night not only will a prize will be given out to the kindred who has the most beads, but a prize will also be given out to the clan who has the most beads. A Prize will also be given out to anyone who has the best Mardi Gras masque as well. Since the Elders cannot participate in the Symbel Ordeal, there will be bets taking place on whom the winner will be.


Join us in San Francisco for Domain of Myst’s Featured Game.

Featured Game: Werewolf Teaser

There has always been a sense of waiting for the Bay Area. Waiting for the next sports championship. Waiting for the next great idea to become a product to become a fortune.

Waiting for the next Big One.

Two months ago, a 10 minute earthquake struck Mountain View. Local seismologists were baffled, but calmed a panicked populace. “It’s fine! No real damage, and the earth needs to let off pressure sometimes,” they said. “This’ll be better in the long run. No Big One.”

The Bay has always been waiting for another 1906.

The Bay has always been waiting for another 1989.

For the Garou of the Sept of Cascading Peace however, they know that that day is not long far off. They have heard the rumblings of something stirring down below. The signs have been seen by a few and felt by many.

The Garou know that the earth will slip yet again in the coming days.

What shall follow in its wake?


Join us in San Francisco for Domain of Myst’s Featured Game.

Featured Game: Sabbat Teaser

Things That Go Bump in the Night

The Diocese of San Francisco is in a state of upheaval and change. A new Archbishop has been raised and Bishops are being chosen. New Nomadic Loyalist Packs have arrived. Founded Packs have gone through many trials.

In this time of political flux, the greater enemy has not been forgotten…but what of other horrors? The Sword Of Caine hears rumblings and whispers that they are not the only Monsters who prowl the night.

Strange and mysterious happenings have been reported. Is this an ancient enemy or something new never encountered before?


Join us in San Francisco for Domain of Myst’s Featured Game.

September Featured Game!

The Domain of Myst is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our Featured Game on the 3rd weekend of September in San Francisco. All of the information you’ll be needing will be kept up-to-date on this post, so please bookmark this page!

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