Featured Game: Werewolf Teaser

There has always been a sense of waiting for the Bay Area. Waiting for the next sports championship. Waiting for the next great idea to become a product to become a fortune.

Waiting for the next Big One.

Two months ago, a 10 minute earthquake struck Mountain View. Local seismologists were baffled, but calmed a panicked populace. “It’s fine! No real damage, and the earth needs to let off pressure sometimes,” they said. “This’ll be better in the long run. No Big One.”

The Bay has always been waiting for another 1906.

The Bay has always been waiting for another 1989.

For the Garou of the Sept of Cascading Peace however, they know that that day is not long far off. They have heard the rumblings of something stirring down below. The signs have been seen by a few and felt by many.

The Garou know that the earth will slip yet again in the coming days.

What shall follow in its wake?


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