Featured Game: Cam/Anarch Teaser

Primogen Angelique DuMont of Clan Tremere and Primogen Aurelie Fortescue of Clan Toreador welcome all the kindred to the San Francisco Domain for a fabulous Mardi Gras gathering at the Notre Dame Des Victoires Church in the epicenter of the French Quarter, Belden Lane, in San Francisco. It will be a Symbel Ordeal open to all who are welcome that night for both Neonates and Ancilla alike. Whomsoever obtains the most Mardi Gras beads will be the winner of the Ordeal. The ways that you can obtain are as follows:

  1. Exchange beads for boons
  2. Exchange a dance for beads
  3. “Persuade” someone to give you beads
  4. Exchange personal favors for beads (Any personal favors must be fulfilled or they will be registered with the harpy as a negative status).

At the end of the night not only will a prize will be given out to the kindred who has the most beads, but a prize will also be given out to the clan who has the most beads. A Prize will also be given out to anyone who has the best Mardi Gras masque as well. Since the Elders cannot participate in the Symbel Ordeal, there will be bets taking place on whom the winner will be.


Join us in San Francisco for Domain of Myst’s Featured Game.

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